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TOUR IN PERU E.I.R.L. cuenta con un espíritu de trabajo en equipo y por ello busca crear relaciones estratégicas con organizaciones dedicadas al campo del turismo sostenible, empresas turísticas nacionales e internacionales, asociaciones culturales, centros de idiomas, universidades, escuelas, grupos de estudio y estudiantes. Los interesados que cuenten con proyectos e ideas para trabajar con éste fin; póngase en contacto con nosotros:
Teléfono : 51 84 254086     -     51 984 757801    -    51 982 758344

Website  : Machu Picchu Tours Peru        Tour in Peru

Email      :  tour-in-peru@hotmail.com  - info@tourinperu.com - reservations@tourinperu.com

GO ON A TOUR IN PERU – CUSCO – MACHUPICCHU  TOUR IN PERU E.I.R.L. invites you to have the experience of your life by personalizing one of the varied tours we offer in this multicultural country. You, your family and friends are all invited to learn a bit more about this ancient culture. Peru - Truly the best place for the perfect holiday!!!

LEARN QUECHUA IN CUSCO and ONLINE Learn Quechua (the language of the Incas) online. You will have the opportunity to sing along nice songs in Quechua, read beautiful stories and definetly more at no cost...

BE A VOLUNTEER IN CUSCO If you are interested in helping poor people in this part of the world, you are welcomed!!!

VIVENTIAL TOURISM Want to have a great experience by getting together with a typical family from the andean region and learning about their everyday lives; come and have an experience you will never forget...


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