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About us...


We are committed to the practice of Responsible Tourism...! 
TOUR IN PERU E.I.R.L. is an organization committed to respecting the local populations, their cultures, their economies and the environment. With your participation you can help us conserve the areas we visit and bring benefits to the residents of these communities

Who we are and why choose TOUR IN PERU E.I.R.L.?
• We are professionals with extensive experience in the field of tourism; our tourism operators and guides are highly qualified. 
• We are licensed by the institutions governing the regulations of Tourism in Peru; therefore, we have all the necessary permits to operate within our country.
• We offer a wide variety of travel styles available to suit all tastes. Our passengers visite most th interesting sites in Peru and are immersed in the culture.
• We also have flexible programs; with you we can create travel packages that meet your expectations.
• We provide 24-hour assistance 365 days a year.

If you want to make a reservation for a tourist package in Peru or plan your own trip of holiday you can contact us at:
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Email us at          : tour-in-peru@hotmail.com  - info@tourinperu.com
Skype us at         : TOURinPERU
Phone number     : 51 84 254086
Mobile Phone      : 51 984757801  -  51 984143637

Malka , our tour guide, at the entrance of RAQCHY - The Temple of the Inca Wiraqocha